My friends, a few couple of weeks ago I have visited Vienna. During this trip I had the big pleasure to stay for a few days in the 25hours hotel. Honestly I have to admit that never before I have seen such cool and individual hotel rooms. Every room is unique and has it´s own motto. For instance in my room I literally found a clown, a snake charmer and also a sword-swallower on the wall. Here is a short explanation of their concept:

“The 25hours Hotel Vienna at MuseumsQuartier plays with the dreams and sensations associated with the world of the circus. From the museum district to the Prater, the Opera Ball, the Life Ball and the city’s many music venues, Vienna has always been synonymous with sensations and shows. The hotel symbolises the tradition-steeped institution that is the circus. It is surreal, surprising and sexy; a place that plays with fantasies and the exotic. Here, the lines between imagination, reality, space and time are blurred..“  (… for more information have a look here)

For my next trip to Vienna this hotel will be among the top three. A further advantage is the central location in the city. I think you will also love to be in this amazing hotel. Stay tuned and see you soon friends!

In friendly cooperation with 25hours Hotel Vienna

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