My sweet loves, how are you? Hope you are all enjoying the ongoing sunny days.

Before we kick off the last few weeks of fall, I wanted to share a new look with you guys. With sun in my heart I can claim that the weather have been surprisingly quite good in the last few weeks. But as we all know the winter in Munich is coming really fast. So I have started to prepare my wardrobe for the coming cold days.

So I have been experimenting with my layering game, mixing and matching light, loose fabrics that let me breath. This kind of outfit is perfect for that in-between weather when you can´t decide what to wear. Hope you will like it. See you guys!

I was wearing
360 Cashmere Hoody
Zara Leather Pants
Furla Bag
Zara Booties

In friendly cooperation with 360 Cashmere
Photographer Matthias Rüby

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