My friends, I have to admit that the month November is coming to an end and you can feel precisely that the days are getting colder and colder. But the good message is that the christmas markets will open their doors by tomorrow – this is the best indicator that finally the winter has arrived here in Munich. The good message is that in the few last days the weather was pretty good in Munich. So because of these warm and sunny days last week, I dedicated this blog post „50 Shades of Red“ and will show you one of my absolutely favorite fall looks from Manila Grace. Here is a short introduction of this brand:

„Manila Grace is a fashion brand founded by Antress Industry Spa. The Group has been able to create a style world in which the outfit does not dominate people but defines their own personality, at daily service, giving comfort and elegant simplicity. A custom-made in Italy.

Manila Grace – A contemporary wardrobe: apparently simple garments, with everyday spirit, come together with precious details and creations in haute couture style. The handcrafted finishes, the uniqueness of the cuts and fluid shapes give life to a casual mood in which prints express a timeless society and knitwear, always strong complement of each collection, evolves playing with different colors and materials.

The collection is enriched by a selection of luxury garments, born by the desire of making a unique item, able to combine creativity and originality free from any industry’s influences.
Stylistic inspirations reinvent themselves as the dawn of a new day; timeless creations reflect the personality of demanding women who want to be unique, without limits and preconceptions.“ (… for more information have a look here)

In my opinion this beautiful outfit from Manila Grace is awesome because it’s the perfect match between classiness and dreaminess, the perfection combination of individuality and simplicity, the perfect embodiment of style. What surprised me the most is the fact that despite of the different shades of red the whole outfit fits perfectly together. I think we owe this the creative eye and ideas of the designers of Manila Grace. Just try it and I promise that you won´t be disappointed! See you soon my friends :)

I was wearing
Manila Grace Waistcoat Fur
Manila Grace Boyfriend Shirt
Manila Grace Checked Low Crotch Trousers
Manila Grace Pumps

In friendly cooperation with Manila Grace
Photographer Matthias Rüby

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