Four weeks ago I received the Fittea Complete Set of Health. The set contains the Body Detox Tea 28 days, the Acai + Tea, the Inner Beauty Tea, the Inner Balance Tea and a tea infuser. In combination these teas supply you with a lot of healthy vitamins and antioxidants, which will give you more energy throughout the day, boost your metabolism, promote a clean complexion and all in all improve your overall well-beingThe contained vitamins and antioxidants have an additional positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

 started my 28-day Detox treatment with fittea on 02 June. I successfully accomplished my 28-days and found it very pleasant to drink the tea. I really had no problems to integrate the Detox cure into my everyday life. I even used to drink more water with this tea treatment. I was afraid that during the cure I would have no energy to work, but honestly I felt really fresh and powerfull. Besides the tea was very delicious and tasty and my stomach was flat.

 Fittea recommends you a gratis nutrition plan with ideas and tips for a healthy diet, which helps you during your Detox cure. 
In my opinion this plan gives you the basics for a healthy diet. The nutrition plan describes which food is good or bad for you during your cure. It is better to eat more vegetables, cereals, potatoes, rice, fresh fish or seeds than sugar, coffee, a lot of salt, fat meat, dairy products, fast food, cakes or alcohol. I really liked the two recipes in the guide. At the end you get a few tips for the care or simply for a healthy life. All in all I can recommend this Detox cure.

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