Hi guys, the topic of this blog post is “The Code of Simplicity”. What is a code? It’s simple: a complex problem, which is quite easy to solve. The following problem knows (almost) every women: in the morning you stand in front of the wardrobe and as always, you have nothing to wear – the skirt is too short, the shirt too old-fashioned and the pants too tight. I have dedicated this blog post to this issue and I just want to give you simple ideas to get out of of this dilemma.

The HALLHUBER dress is perfect for almost every situation, whether you are at meetings in the office or dinner in the hot spot of the city. Just take it out of the wardrobe and wear it. The dress let you look like very good because it is fitted below the waist with an inserted fold – there are no tweaks and scratches. The side pockets give it a casual look. The perfect partner to this dress is a sand-colored trench coat. Basically a trench coat is really a must-have in every closet and a perfect companion for the interim period. Both at work and in free time the trench coat is versatile. With this outfit you can bring business and private life under one roof. Depending on the situation flat shoes or high heels round off the outfit.

I was wearing
Hallhuber Trenchcoat
Hallhuber Dress
TOMS Yvette Champagne Sunglasses
Louis Vuitton Pochette NM
Navyboot Shoes – similar

As I described above, you can wear the dress also with flats to be fashionably dressed and get through the day without pain – the women of you know what is meant ;) In this post I wear Navyboot shoes from last season. They are very very comfortable and look very very cool with its unique color. I just love them :)

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