Ciao my friends. Hope you are well and everything is fine with you. I’m really excited to share with all of you the latest Capsule Collection Carnival in collaboration with United Colors of Benetton. Honestly it was very cool and funny to work on this project because I had the possibility to reinvent myself new and mix up my individual style with my favorite pieces of clothes.

This campaign is about „The Face of the City“. I am sure you ask yourself: „What do you mean with the face of city“?. Well, first they have researched to find out how the ethnic mix in every major city looks like e.g. London, New York or Berlin. Based on this results United Colors of Benetton has photographed a group of women who represent the majority of the people living in these cities. In my opinion I appreciate this content because of the current global refugee situation. We all are human beings, no matter if black, white or whatever skin color you have. As it is written in our constitution: We are all born equally etc. So much for this :)

The very special thing about this Carnival Capsule Collection is that the pieces of clothes really look like that they have been passed through a rainbow colored light beam of an enlightened prism. This is why I have chosen the title of this blog post. Now I leave you guys with these impressions. But don’t be scared, I will be back soon with brand-new inspirations and exciting shootings :) See you!

I was wearing
Benetton Sweater
Asos Jeans
Christian Louboutin Pumps
Pollock Bopps


In friendly cooperation with United Colors of Benetton
Photographer Matthias Rüby

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