Guys, what I always wanted to tell you is, that fashion is really a curious thing, it’s an endless quest to create something new by reinventing the past. Over the last years, I’ve seen the a lot of trends (if that word still even makes sense) which always came back, then disappeared and finally appeared again with slight nuances. Its a never-ending story, in my opinion a so-called „fashion circuit“. Nowadays, in the fashion sector there are no rules, restrictions or limits anymore.

After all, there’s a really slight gap between trendy and overdone. The result is, that a lot of you guys unfollow the trends and create their own style, behavior and „Moments of Fashion“. This is one of the reasons, why I have chosen this name for my blog. I think that everybody creates his or her individual Moment of Fashion :)

It’s amazing and fascinating at the same time to watch how we have faced such a big democratization in the fashion industry the last couple of years with social media, giving people so much freedom to showcase their creativity, break the rules and set new codes. And honestly I totally appreciate this trend. Together we can create a new fashion world and everybody is part of it. I hope you understand me and my excursion into a philosophical theme :) I wish you all a wonderful christmas time with your beloved ones! See you soon my friends!

I was wearing
Benetton Coat
Sisley Dress – similar
Gilardy Jewels Ring
Louis Vuitton Métis Bag
Triwa Sunglasses
Navyboot Overknees

In friendly cooperation with Benetton
Photographer Matthias Rüby

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