My dears, I am so happy to write you again. This blog post should have been online since a few weeks. But in the meantime we unfortunately had so many new projects that unfortunately we didn´t had free time to post about this wonderful outfit – we are really sorry for this and hope you guys forgive us this little “fauxpas” :D Nevertheless I am very very happy and proud to present you this amazing outfit combination.

I wore this on a chilly and sunny day when we went for a walk in Munich. It felt a little bit like a countdown for the beautiful days before the winter begins and turns the wonderful golden autumn into a mushy something between fall and winter. Honestly I am big big fan of warm days, when you just grab a blanket and snuggle into that. I really feel nostalgic remembering back this dreamy combination of a perfect autumn day. Be excited for the coming posts my friend!

I was wearing

Saint Tropez Cardigan
Saint Tropez Dress
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
Navyboot Boots – similar
Furla Bag

In friendly cooperation with Saint Tropez
Photographer Matthias Rüby

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