What would the world be without the invention of tights for women? 70 years ago the nylon tights have seen light of the world. Before its invention, there were only a few expensive silk stockings. This is why only a few women could afford this luxury at that time. Wallace Hume Carothers (Research director of the US chemical company DuPont) developed in 1935 the first nylon fiber based on coal, air and water. On 15 May 1940 the “N-Day”, DuPont sold on a single day 5 million pair of pantyhose, people were fascinated by this new product – this was the beginning of an ongoing success story.

Inspired by the “N-Day” I’ve come up with a special outfit with a specific color combination – I call it Blue-Maniac, because blue is currently my favorite color :) As you can see from the pictures, it was a lovely and sunny day when we were shooting in Munich. Though it was windy and very fresh (according to the actual spring time). Although my G-Star jumpsuit had long sleeves, nevertheless I have dressed my Fogal tights not to freeze. So I have used them as an eye-catcher and to support my personality.

What are your favorite colors when you buy tights? Are you more the Nude type or do you like more fancy colors like me? Starting on 18 May you can vote on Fogal for your favorite five colors – it´s worth taking because you can win a 10-piece “Opaque” set in the favorite colors of the winner! Happy voting and see you soon!

I was wearing
G-Star Raw Short Boiler Suitsimilar
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
Fogal Tights
Hope Bag – similar
Christian Louboutin Pumps

In friendly cooperation with Fogal

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