Prost und O’zapft is!

Don´t worry, I am not drunken or became crazy – I just wanted to welcome you with a special Bavarian toast :) The Wies´n is an essential part of Bavarian culture. Since last week the world’s largest Volksfest started in Munich. More than 6 million people from all over the world are coming to the Oktoberfest. It is more than a beer festival or travelling funfair  – it is a must have seen objective! But what´s the story behind? It´s simple: to mark the wedding of Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen a horse race have been held in Munich 1810. Since then the Oktoberfest takes place every year on the Theresienwiese. To celebrate this event I am ecstatic to reveal you the second part of our special collaboration with  OWLOON.

The high-cut collar of this amazing leather Dirndl is forming a decent décolleté. The material mix with leather is very cool and sexy at the same time. The upper part of the Dirndl is very special and unique – it´s a “Snow White Collar”. The skirt in wool satin is swinging loosely around the hips and makes a slim silhouette. As I presented you in my first OWLLON post, this Dirndl is also decorated with the Unique Selling Point of the designer – a silver owl pendant. Honestly, I felt like a lady while I walked through the cities of Munich. Enjoy your time on the Wies’n!

I was wearing
Owloon Dirndl
Navyboot Pumps – similar
Furla Bag

In friendly cooperation with OWLOON
Photographer Jurga Graf

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